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Stephen “Beaver” Palombo, the owner of Beaver’s Lawn Service and Snow Removal, LLC., spent many years in the corporate world. He is highly educated with a bachelors degree in Business Management and a licensed commercial applicator of turfgrass and pesticide control through the Ohio State Department of Agriculture.

He started Beaver’s Lawn Service in 2005 simply because he has a passion for all things having to do with beautiful landscapes and grass. He started doing lawn care as a boy mainly with a senior citizen client base and continued caring for over 40 residents throughout his high school and college years. During his corporate years, his client data base was reduced to approximately ten. His company has currently expanded to over 60 commercial/residential clients with a mission to be an extremely “hands-on” owner/operator who personally ensures superior quality and maintains relationships with all of his clients.

Where did the name “Beaver” come from? Stephen’s nickname came from the belated Leanora Palombo who thought that he ate like a beaver when he was approximately six months old. This became his household, family and local North Canton name throughout his entire 47 year life. Stephen currently resides in North Canton with his wife, Jennifer, and their two children, Abigail and Stephen Jr.

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